Sanjay’s Story

Sanjay and Lasuk

Sanjay and Lasuk

“Life wasn’t easy in the streets for a young boy like me”

My name is Sanjay Singh Bisht and I was born in Uttarakhand.

I am the youngest of 9 siblings and at the age of two my mother passed away. Since that time my elder brother and sister looked after me.

From a very young age I was very naughty boy and used to run away from our family house quite often.

When I was 10 I left my home and ended up in the New Delhi Railway Station, where I started working as a porter.

Life wasn’t easy in the streets for a young boy like me and soon I was abused from others older than me. It was at that time that I started smoking and using alcohol.

I spent most of the next years in Children Observation Homes and jail. It was a terrible season and I gave myself entirely to drugs and alcohol to be able to cope with so much pain and bitterness. However, the toll was high and soon things got out of control and I became an alcoholic.

I was enslaved. Though I tried quitting many times I couldn’t; again and again I’d come back to the same misery.

It was in 2010 when a friend told me about Asha Bhawan. My initial thought was to stay for a couple of months, long enough to recover a little and get back on track, but God had different plans for me. It wasn’t easy; specially the first few weeks I suffered a lot with withdrawal, but with the help of the responsible in the house and the grace of God I got through. Soon I began to enjoy a healthy and drug-free life.

It has been over 10 years since I arrived at Asha Bhawan. I am very happy and grateful to God for the new life He has given me. At this moment I live in Gurugram serving as a volunteer at the caring community run by Asha Bhawan. Last year I got married to a beautiful woman from Shillong and we just had our first baby. I found true satisfaction and purpose in life in helping others to find the same hope that I’ve found.