Our Program

The Asha Bhawan Philosophy 

Rehabilitation of the Body 

Healthy food and sleep at regular intervals.
Medical Attention as and when necessary.
Sport and Recreation.

Physical work related to our income generation projects, together with practical household duties and maintenance work of the properties. Drug free lifestyle. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco are not allowed. Prescribed medicines for physical ailments are administered only according to doctors’ instructions.

Rehabilitation of the Personality

Self esteem developed by acceptance into a loving family community environment and developing relationship skills through living alongside fellow members.

Constant supervision of a monitor to supervise and encourage in weak moments (most of our monitors are people who have gone through the program themselves and are able to sympathize with the newer members).

Group therapy through regular contact and programmed meetings where experiences are shared.

Intellectual and creative exercises including reading, study, learning songs, and participation in group dramas.

Learning new skills in the work program and the knowledge that they are contributing to their own welfare.

Rehabilitation of the Spirit

We believe substance abuse not only produces physical dependence, but leaves emotional and spiritual wounds as well. We recognized the need for faith in the power of God to see members healed from their dependence, and as a basis to build their future lives.

Both group and individual counselling is conducted to guide and assist members in the healing process.