ABC Project

What happens to the children?

Substance abuse does not destroy the lives of users alone, but whole families and their homes. The children are the ones that suffer the most.

Asha Bhawan has opened its heart and doors to the younger generation of children whose parents are trapped in the slippery slope of homelessness, substance abuse and social exclusion. They themselves become victims of their parents' destructive lifestyle, trapped in an environment where they are daily exposed to a life of crime, violence, and all kinds of threats and abuses. Some have parents. Some are orphans. But all are without parental care.

Because of their family situation they lack the most basic hygiene, sanitation, healthcare, food, clothing, shelter, and education— everything that most of us take for granted.

What Can You Do For these Children?

Asha Bhawan’s communities are found throughout India. Our ability to house and care for the people seeking our help and their children is only limited by the resources made available to us. By supporting the Asha Bhawan Children’s Project financially, you will be helping to provide Indian children at risk with a home in a safe and orderly environment.

There, under the loving care and supervision of Asha Bhawan’s house parents and staff, the children will receive a balanced diet, clothing, healthcare, and an education. They will be privileged to grow up in a rich atmosphere of loving fellowship and nurture. They will attend school and will also participate in sports, recreational, and cultural activities.

‘The A,B,C’s of God’s Love’

God is love. We believe that the world needs to see God’s love in action. The Asha Bhawan Children’s Project provides people the opportunity to express their love in a very practical way, and which will change the lives and destinies of some of the neediest children in the world.

While Asha Bhawan’s adult communities have significant income generating projects which help to defer the costs of their stay in the community, the Asha Bhawan children are too young to participate in those kinds of activities. Their duty is to study and play and grow in every aspect. Their needs are partially met by the efforts of the adult Asha Bhawan community and the generous support of Asha Bhawan’s friends in India and beyond India’s borders.